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February 18, 2016
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October 3, 2016

Grant County Animal Services Proves Spay/Neuter Works

Congratulations to the Grant County Animal Shelter for proving that spay/neuter works!!

The shelter has been conducting monthly transports with UCAN for 5 years and currently has NO dogs in the shelter, and the cats are being adopted so quickly they can't even get pictures!

This has enabled the shelter to work on progressive concepts to make the time animals spend at the shelter more enjoyable, such as cage-free cats, etc. Way to go Grant County!


We bet you are wondering why we are not posting pictures of dogs and cats that are available for adoption.

The truth is that we do not have any dogs at the present time and the cats were adopted before we could even get pictures of them.

You ask what is going on? We would like to think that our spay/neuter clinics that we have been offering to the public for over five years have made a huge impact on the number of intakes and reduced those numbers significantly of homeless pets.

We know that it has made a huge difference and that is exactly why we are still offering those clinics twice a month every month to you because all of us human beings can make a difference, we can reduce the amount of homelessness.

Together, we can do great things and it is evident in our shelter!

Grant County Animal Services - Facebook Post - February 16, 2016