Balls Are for Trees
December 11, 2015
$20 Cat Spay/Neuter Special and Free Rabies Vaccine for Hamilton and Clermont County Residents!
January 15, 2016

Mickey was lucky 12,000 and his brother, Manski, was lucky 12,001! They both received great care and love from our vet tech, Kate!

Over 12,000 Surgeries in 2015!

UCAN performed a record 12,336 surgeries in 2015. The 146 Humane Alliance high-volume, low-cost clinics, of which we are one, performed an incredible 1,057,998 surgeries throughout the United States in 2015.

Just think for a moment about how many unwanted animals, and the resulting euthanasia that has prevented. Pretty amazing!

There was a day when the clinic hoped to break 10,000 surgeries in a year. Now, we've broken 12,000! Congratulations to our hard-working staff. They are truly amazing.

UCAN operates a high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter clinic offering free transports from several locations in Southwestern Ohio, trying to ensure everyone has access to the veterinary services offered at the clinic.