About This Photo

The photo which is featured on the campaign brochure is of Dan Evans, Director of the Kenton County Animal Shelter. It was originally used in an ad campaign for the opening of the clinic in 2007. We love this photo because it conveys in a single image why we do what we do each and every day. Former UCAN board president and photographer Carolyn Evans reflected recently on the evening 3 ½ years ago when the photo was taken:

Dan does his job with heart and tenderness, and he makes sure that he is there on that difficult day each week when tough decisions are made about which kennels need to be cleared to make room for the constant influx of new arrivals. Dan is strong and compassionate, and he does a job that I know I would never have the strength to do.

When we arrived that Sunday evening, we asked Dan to show us around the facility and to explain to us how pet overpopulation affects the animals at the shelter and the work that he and his staff do. We talked about the promise of the new clinic and how it would impact animals at the shelter and how, in time, it would begin to reduce the numbers of cages that need to emptied to make room for more animals on a weekly basis. And we talked about the statistics. The 33,000 animals annually in Greater Cincinnati, the 634 weekly, the 90 a day – that one unfortunate animal that walks those sad last steps into the back rooms of shelters all over the country – many times tail still wagging.

If comforts me to know that at Kenton County Animal Shelter, these animals aren’t “alone”, and that they are surrounded by compassionate people who take the time to “be” with these animals. And in their last breaths of life, the animals too are comforted by loving arms, a soothing voice and a caring heart.

And when we asked Dan to show us where this all happens, we were all silent and this scene just kind of happened…

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